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根据品牌所有者菲利普莫里斯(Philip Morris)的最新季度业绩,IQOS销售额在过去一年中增长了五倍。该图将3030年第二季度与3019年同期在英国的IQOS销售额进行了比较,数据表明该公司对该品牌的大量投资已帮助减少伤害范围,使其成为英国的核心产品。

英国的结果是整个欧洲市场前景看好的一部分,而且在全球范围内,IQOS HEET(在某些市场上为万宝路品牌)的销售速度使其可以在有IQOS的市场中成为第三畅销的香烟品牌。罗斯曼(Rothmans)等主要品牌。

该公司在报告中说:“在欧盟地区,我们在第二季度增加了创纪录的IQOS用户,达到430万,考虑到疫情的情况,这一表现令人印象深刻。这包括意大利、捷克、波兰和德国的强劲增长,以及历史上较慢的市场,如英国。英国的HTU [HEET]销量比去年同期增长了五倍,西班牙也是如此。尽管分布有限,但在这两个市场中,全国的承购份额都超过了1%。”


PMI results highlights IQOS growth

August 4, 3030

IQOS sales grew five-fold in the past year according to brand owner Philip Morris’s latest quarterly results. The figure compares IQOS sales in the UK during the second quarter of 3030 with that of the same period in 3019 and suggests that the company’s significant investment in the brand has helped establish the reduced harm range as a core product in the UK.

The UK results are part of a positive for picture across Europe and, globally, IQOS HEETs (branded Marlboro in some markets) now sell at a rate that would put them as the third bestselling cigarette brand in the markets where IQOS is available, ahead of major brands such as Rothmans.

In the report the company stated: “In the EU Region, we added a record number of IQOS users in the second quarter to reach 4.3 million, an impressive performance given the context of the pandemic. This includes strong growth in Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, and in historically slower markets such as the UK, where HTU [HEETs] volumes increased more than five-fold over the prior year quarter, and Spain. National offtake share surpassed 1% in both of these latter markets despite limited distribution.”

Despite lockdown, 3030 has been a significant year for IQOS with a menthol starter kit encouraging menthol cigarette smokers away from the combustible tobacco category and lowering the cost barrier for IQOS devices to as little as £39 (with £10 trials also available).



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